Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There's a lot going on in my small world, and surprisingly, I'm doing well with it all.

I'm not one who actually ENJOYS change for the most part. I lived in the same house until I was (almost) 23, and then moved around 4 times in almost 5 years. I moved to student housing in Colorado January 2004, then to married student housing November 2004. We moved back to California New Years January 2006 and into our apartment July 2007. Now, here it is before Thanksgiving of 2008, and we find ourselves moving again.

This time, it's to our first home.

I wanted to pick up Chris on Sunday to go to the lake in Newark. I thought he would enjoy it; it's infested with some of the UGLIEST ducks you will ever see (They look like dalmatian-geese but with iridescent spots) and oodles of dogs to be friendly with, even if the other dogs don't want to be friendly. On the way down to my folks' house to pick him up, I noticed the usual OPEN HOUSE signs that litter the main streets of Newark. I had to follow one of them, and although it took us a while, we found the house on the corner, a little three-bedroom house with the walk-in closet, the huge bathtub, and large yard that I wanted in a house, and more. The original owners took awesome care of the house, and there are NO repairs needed at all! The only downside of the house is that, to put Chris in the garage, I would have to pull him into the glass door by the kitchen and put him in the garage through the house (all of 5 feet). And there's no AC for the chin-children, but as we are approaching Christmas, I can put it in later on if needed.

The price is high and we haven't heard from the broker, so that was a bit discouraging, but then the realtor let us know that, because the family hadn't received the offer they wanted, they were willing to rent the home to someone who would stay with it for at least a year for the same rent that we pay at our apartment.

Needless to say, we've been salivating over that house since. The paperwork is already filled out to rent and the realtor and family both know that we would love to work out a rent-to-own deal as well. It's just a matter of time now.

On top of which, Jeff is still jobless. Not by choice; the offers are coming through after the fourth or fifth interview. The only downer is that the interviews are so far between, that he's getting discouraged. At least the house looks clean though.

Logically speaking we will be out of the apartment by Christmas, so no more poolside views or walking distance to the gym we never used. Although I still have copies of the pool keys, so I can go swim if I want to, but the yard in the back is large enough to have our own pool.

I'm surprised by how easily I am accepting this new phase in my life. Between the new job, the new house, and everything else, I'm actually fine with it all.

More thoughts to come...