Thursday, May 7, 2009

News of the World

Well, sort of... the news of MY world, anyway.

So it's another interesting day in my office. As I speak, maintenance is drilling a filing cabinet into our wall (hard to describe it any other way). I am by myself and have been for about an hour now.

Lots going on in my little world. My chinchilla is pregnant again. A lot of people ask me why I keep letting them get pregnant, but I assure you, it was an accident. She was with a boy cagemate because we were sure she was sterile, and then, when I came home from my birthday party, we had a baby! Since Solo Baby was already dry, she was at least 6 or 7 hours old, enough time for Daddy to try again (and, it looks like, succeeding). The one downer is that these babies, if they do not come out in the next week, will be born while we are in Las Vegas.

We actually have a long list of plans for this month. This weekend is Mother's Day, which will be with my mom on Saturday, and hub's family on Sunday. Then I have a few days of work, followed by Vegas. The tentative plan is to see Angels and Demons either at midnight on Thursday or really early Friday morning, then leaving for Vegas Friday mid-day-ish. Saturday is the event I have to attend (A Diabetes day camp) and then we will be driving home sometime Sunday. I will have work that week, and then Friday is a mandatory day off due to budget cuts, so we chose that as the start of my vacation. From Friday, May 22nd until June 1st I will be AWOL from the office. We haven't figured out what we'll be doing because hubby STILL hasn't been approved for the vacation (gotta love that boss, really). We originally planned on DC for the first week, and UT for the weekend, but it doesn't look feasible with Hub not getting his request approved yet. So we'll have to see.

On top of all this, I have classes starting on Monday. Wish me luck; it's been over a year since I've had to do "school work". I've done the full-time-school-plus-full-time-work thing, but it wasn't easy. On the plus side, the courses are all online (the previous attempt involved the in-person classes) so I should, in theory, be able to accomplish this.

Well, I am off to go back to work. Coworker Left showed up, and with the makeup and perfume, smells like a crayon. GAG