Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Test… But A Minor Test

I am attempting to write this blog via a new toy of mine. Last night I purchased a Dell netbook at Best Buy. At first I honestly tried to convince myself not to, but I knew it was coming.


I am still in school, and thanks to the dreaded migraines of the fall, I now have an additional term of school. My original graduation was going to put this as my last semester through USU and then I could go onto my Masters. However, the fates dealt me quite a blow with the migraine debacle, and so now I have almost a full load this summer too. This then may push back my acceptance to a program, but that might be all right; I haven’t taken the GRE yet and I haven’t looked into too many schools.


But to the topic at hand: The New Year


It is only Day 2, but I am thinking maybe this might be a successful year. Maybe it’s because the last two ended on such odd notes. Last year was me losing my permanent position for this temporary one and the migraines. The year before, the Hubs lost HIS job. Maybe this year we will actually get somewhere, like a house or something.


I hope no one thinks I am ungrateful for what we do have. Honestly in terms of work, I think we are both very lucky. Although a lot of friends may have things we don’t (home, family etc) both Hubs and I have jobs that do well. I am not just talking financially (although we do make a bit more than most our age). But we really do enjoy our work and what we do.


Well, I am off to spend some of that hard-earned money. Work starts up again for me (tentatively) on Tuesday and I want to start taking lunch to work. Maybe I’ll lose some weight this year (or at least save a few bucks and not buy so much lunch!)


Happy New Year to all, and to all a good year.