Thursday, September 25, 2008

While at work...

Yes, I blogged at work. There isn't too much to do right now but I'm trying.

This month is going to be an insane one for me. Lots of traveling and diabetes walks.

Next weekend I will be running down to Bakersfield for a Saturday day camp. I might have to stay overnight Friday; it depends on what time I have to be there in the morning.

The following weekend, I will be heading to Las Vegas (woo hoo!) I plan on leaving Thursday, October 9th from Stanford and driving through to Vegas. Friday, so far, has nothing, but this may change because we are trying to schedule visits in-home for me to do draws. Then, depending on what we end up getting, I may get to stay one more night.

The following weekend, I am supposed to go with my team to Sunnyvale for the local walk. It's a huge deal and apparently the entire department will be in attendance. And I get a cool t-shirt :-)

So the next few weekends I'm going to be AWOL. On the plus side, to balance it out, I will get a few days off during the week. And the occassional Sunday. And I might be able to continue with my temple-hopping, if I can get in Vegas and Fresno during my travels *GRIN*

There's more to say but I'll have to add it later when I have pictures and time to actually chat.