Monday, February 2, 2009

Another one bites the dust

So, it's official... I'm slowly creeping towards the big 3-0! I've never noticed as much gray in my hair, never counted how many opportunities I should've jumped on.

Overall it was a party and a half, and I wouldn't have changed a moment of it.

Thursday was lunch with the hubby. I got off work early and went to a cafe by the office. Really nice and quick, with time for me to just come home afterwards and take a much-needed nap. I swear I've been running around a lot, but I'm not sure doing what sometimes.

Friday was a pre-party dinner. Again, in Palo Alto. Again in a place that required cloth as opposed to paper (or, in our case, WalMart bargain bin) table cloths. The napkins were cloth as well, and not dispensed from some clown's mouth. It was nice to be civilized (at least, pretend to be) and split a fancy-pants dessert with my husband. Honestly, how many desserts have rock sea salt and chocolate bacon brittle???

And, yes, I thought it was gross too, but Hubby enjoyed it immensely.

It was during this time that Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I said another chinchilla. I have 11 that range in age from 4 weeks to 6 years, not all by choice, but all loved nonetheless. He said I was nuts to want an even dozen and would have no hand in giving me #12.

Saturday was the big day and (thankfully) more casual. The morning consisted of going to the gun range with Hubby, Only Brother and a cousin (My mom's actual cousin, so a cousin once removed I guess? I've never figured how that works). Yours truly was an excellent shot, although I kept shooting low on the target, so depending on your perspective, I either had a head shot to Verne Troyer (MiniMe) or I caused a potential target to bleed out internally. Either way, pretty cool.

This little expedition only took about an hour and a half, and by noon I was on the couch at Mom's watching Family Guy with Hubby and Only Brother. After I woke up, the whole family went to dinner: Mom, Dad, Oldest Sister, Older Sister with her Hub and Three, Only Brother with Only Boy, and Hubby. And this other place was classy; very redneck and, despite FDA warnings, peanuts on every table and shells covering every inch of the floor!

We went for cupcake cake for dinner at my Parent's house afterwards, and so by 7:30 we were done. Not one to just bum around, I took my birthday money and hit The Bookstore. Before I did, though, I had to take Oldest Niece over to meet the baby chinchillas. While there, I happened to glance into another cage and noticed a small speck of blood. Hubby said not to worry; they fought the other day and it was probably nothing. So I shrugged it off.

After books and dropping off Niece, I came home to feed my animals, only to hear the baby chinchilla cheep... except it wasn't coming from the baby chinchilla cage. It came from the cage with the blood. Sure enough, Chinchilla 12 had made her debut sometime during the day. She currently resides with mom in the Maternity Ward (a cage set up special for newborns) with Dad next to them.

Yesterday was the SuperBowl and, rather than go party, we had our own party. Mom, Oldest Sister, Oldest Niece, Hubby and I cheered and yelled the whole time and likely scared some of our neighbors in the process, but oh well. It was good; the game, the snacks (I made my own version of buffalo chicken wings using from-scratch BBQ and drumsticks).

And now, I sit at my desk. Coworker Left is gone today at one of the clinics from the previous blog. Coworker Right was here today, but both coworkers will be departing to Sin City tomorrow and won't return until Thursday. So I am alone in my office, blogging and playing on the computer. I have enough to do so that, if I finish it all, it LOOKS like I did a lot, but in all honesty, won't take me more than a half day to do.

Well, back to "work".