Monday, October 20, 2008

Slightly Fed Up...

... With insensitive, stupid people.

So, I admit, I'm not the easiest person to get along with at times, but this past weekend was too much for my little system.

For the most part, in a friendship (or any relationship, really) I don't always call/email/text at random because I am afraid to be a bother to people. I don't like calling at an inappropriate time, and try to avoid this. However, this last weekend was too much.

I realize, friends, that sometimes I get to be difficult to catch. It's the result of having to work 50+ hours a week in addition to take care of critters, husband, and house, but if it is something that you truly need me for, I try to be the first one to help out. However, this last weekend, I have been blown off by so many, I'm ready to go back to the middle of Colorado and camp out by NORAD.

It wouldn't be such a blow to my ego, except this happened ALL WEEKEND from MANY different people, people I considered family or friends. Oddly enough, my own family members have been the more "there" for me this weekend, which isn't something they often do for a wide variety of reasons.

So, this is a notice to all: I'm done. It's fine if you still want to be friends, but I'm going completely hands off now. I hate this one-sided friendship thing, where I'll drop a line, make a comment, etc and get ignored. I feel like a stalker, and I know I'm not.

So now I am accepting applications for new friends. Doesn't take much in terms of time or commitment. I just need someone to throw ideas at on occassion, and I am willing to reciprocate however I can. Just let me know if you have an interest.