Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So we made it home from Las Vegas in one piece (although we did come home REALLY late) and life is crazy to say the least.

I didn't get to sleep until late (like, 3 AM!) and woke up around 7-ish because I had to return the car. I stuck around long enough to finish some paperwork, listen to The Pseudo-boss of me complain and bicker, and get my time card squared away. I get a day off this week though, and I'm hoping for Friday!

Also, we came home to work-related nonsense, and not just my own. Jeff's supervisors are suspending him temporarily for something that has NOTHING TO DO with him. Others stole from the store and because he is an AGM (Assistant General Manager) he was written up and suspended. They'll let him know their "decision" on Thursday. Mine is to jump ship. I mean, he's had to deal with the nonsense of work for about a year now, and it's insane that they're blaming him for something he didn't have anything to do with.

But enough of that... on to the happiness.

We're actually considering moving to Vegas after this weekend. The houses out there were GORGEOUS and much for affordable than anything we can find in California. It's totally something we want to consider, if not now, in the future.

The work stuff went well too. We only worked about half of the day on Saturday (The walk was cut short due to the cold weather), and on Sunday I got to do home visits with a local phlebotomist. We had about 30 people screened, which is a lot, and made the trip well worth it, work-wise.

In terms of fun, we had TONS! Jeff seemed to really love the Coca Cola and the M&M store. We came home with loads of toys and candies and souvenirs.

We didn't just shop like crazy, though. We also went to go see Cirque du Soleil: Love. That's the one with the Beatles music. It was so awesome! It was kind of hard to pay attention to the "plot" but the music and acrobatics were wonderful.

I've got oodles of photos to post (once I figure this thing out) and I'll have to share them with the cyber-verse.