Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

Yes, I know, this is something on Facebook that I received also, but I thought I would post this out here for the Cyber World as well!

1.) As much as I dream of travel, the farthest east I have gotten is Dallas, TX, and I've only been out of the country once, and that was to Tijuana (aka South San Diego).
2.) I am only one of two family members to have completed a 4-year college degree (and the only one ever to have gone to grad school)
3.) I have one of the weirdest pet peeves: warm seats. Doesn't matter what kind of seat, but it always grosses me out like no other!
4.) I often wonder if my birth certificate is a mistake and I am really younger than I am. I sure feel like it.
5.) I've only had three relationships. I was engaged twice. Married once (so far. HA!)
6.) Up until high school, for a variety of reasons, I would usually miss out on 30 days of school. Yet I had a 4.0.
7.) I have started to (or declared) the following majors in college: History, Sociology, Pre-law, Criminal Justice, Child and Adolescent Development, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Speech Pathology and Human Development and Family Studies (what I eventually got my degree in). In all I've attended 4 universities and 2 junior colleges, not counting the correspondence course I took from BYU and the stint in the Air Force ROTC at UC Berkeley.
8.) Most of my favorite things fluctuate with whatever I happen to have on my mind at the time, but the few that stay the same are "Pizza", "Winter", "Gun Powder", "Tombstone", and "Chaplin".
9.) I do have a love for science and biology, however have never done well in a course in college.
10.) I always joke that I am the love child of my mom and the mailman because I stand out from my family so much: I'm the only one without glasses, the only one without a need for braces, and the only one obsessed with history and literature. This is on both sides of the family, including nieces and nephews.
11.) I learned to play the piano at age 3, and can play both the piano and clarinet by ear. In fact when we were in Colorado, I memorized 10 hymns in an hour on the clarinet. But I can't read sheet music to save my life.
12.) The menagerie I currently own is not the first time I've had so many animals. In junior high, my backyard became the haven for unwed single mother cats. We had 7 kittens in our yard, plus the mothers.
13.) When I leave for work, I do what I call the "changing of the guard". I cover my chinchillas and uncover everyone else. As I do so, I'll sing "Good Morning" to them. I'll even say goodbye to each one of them by name, but that's usually when I'm stalling.
14.) When I applied to Stanford for work, I was told that it would take 25-30 applications to get an interview, and at least 40 before I would be offered a job. I applied to one position, my current one, and got it.
15.) My best subjects in school were math and music. My favorites, however, are psychology and history.
16.) I've never experienced the death of a close friend or family member.
17.) My mom used to tell me that God gave me the weather I wanted for my birthday, because it was always sunny. When I decided to move to Colorado, I prayed for snow. My first snowfall was on my birthday.
18.) Before moving to Colorado, I have never lived in another house aside from the one I grew up in. That's almost 23 years of the same roof.
19.) I think that, if finances and life permits, I would love a large family. I don't necessarily want to give birth to them all, though.
20.) I recently entered my books on a reading list website. So far, it totals about 850 books. That's not counting church books, cooking books, text books, or all the stuff still at my parent's place.
21.) If I could go anywhere internationally, it would be Paris to see the Louvre. In the states, either DC or the OK Corral.
22.) The number 17 has always been lucky to me. I moved to Colorado on the 17th. I graduated on the 17th. Got married on the 17th. Didn't have a sweet 16, but a 17th birthday party. I'm sure there's other stuff, but you get the picture.
23.) Every one of my animals that I currently have were named after a character either from a movie or a book. Chris is the exeption, and he was almost Grissom.
24.) A lot of my email addresses are JMBPerry. Everyone assumes the B is for my maiden name. It's actually for what my parents almost named me.
25.) I had several other possible careers when I was younger. At one point I wanted to be a criminal profiler. I was offered an internship for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in their bomb squad, and because I scored a 97 on the ASVAB for the military, it was suggested that I go into Military Intelligence.