Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes, Virginia, Chivarly ISN'T Dead!

I had an interesting encounter on the bus yesterday. Being my lazy self (that's what happens when I only get one day off in a week) I jumped on the absolutely last bus I could without having to drive to work. Needless to say, there were 20 people ahead of me in line already, and the bus looked already to capacity with other folks who couldn't shake off the humpday sleep and opted to come to work late. Wearily I ascended the stairs of the bus only to, surely enough, get stuck standing smack-dab in the middle of the bus.

As I sighed and began to load my purse and backpack into the overhead cargo, a man (probably 45-ish) stood up from his chair and insisted I take his seat! I wasn't sure if I should be shocked by this generosity, or appalled that he likely thought I was pregnant and need to seriously lose some weight! Either way, I was moved.

It reminded me of my dating days. Growing up ultra-lib, I never expected men to hold doors for me (to buildings or to cars) or any of the other subtleties of chivalry. You can ask my husband about racing him to the car so he couldn't open the door. And it wasn't just me that had this problem: I lost count of how many girls have raced my husband or any male to the car door so they don't open it.

It gave me inspiration, and an idea of sorts: What about a dating book, not on how to get a date, but how to ACT on the date? What are the do's and don'ts that I can pass on from my own insane dating experiences?

So that is the new project of mine: To write like no other. At least this time it's not fiction (which, btw, is still in the works).